So, we announced early in the week that we will be giving away a FREE wedding photography package and I’m here to give you all of the details YAY! So here goes, here comes the details and the fine print.


-Up for grabs is our Steel Package valued at $1,000 which includes 2 photographers for 4 hours, 200-400 photos with full post processing, a private online gallery for all your proofs, and some other great goodies, be sure to check our website out for full package descriptions!

-ANYONE can win except Rachael Freed and Meghan Krevolin!!

-The prize is transferrable so if you win but don’t need wedding photography you can gift it to the lucky couple of your choosing!

-The prize is valued at $1000 which CAN be applied toward one of our larger packages if you so desire.

-There will be a minimum of 3 ways to enter. They are:

1. “Like” our facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/linkedforever (If you are already a fan, have a new “liker” give us your name to receive this entry)

2. Subscribe to this blog and leave one comment on any post.

3. Share the status we post

-We may add additional ways to enter so be sure to check our blog and facebook pages regularly.

-The last day to enter will be 2/28/2013. A winner will be randomly selected on or about 3/1/2013. The winner will be posted by 3/7/2013.


-First and most importantly, these rules are all subject to change with or without notice!

-“Winner” refers to the person who is randomly chosen to win this package. “Recipient” refers to the person who redeems the prize.

-Prize will be chosen randomly.

-Winner must claim prize by 4/1/2013 and the recipient will have until 3/1/2014 to book the event which it will be applied to.

-No cash or refund will be given for any reason.

-Package cannot be sold.

-We reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time before or after the drawing with no payment or compensation due to any participants or winners.

-Winner agrees to have their name posted as the winner on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, and any other social media we choose.

-Winner and Recipient agree to have their likeness used for marketing purposes. Recipient also agrees to sign a contract as would a paying customer.

-We take no liability for errors in entry tabulation.

-Recipient cannot be a previously-booked wedding. Prize recipient must book a NEW wedding package only.

Thats it!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


Steve and Robert’s wedding was a wedding of firsts for us! It was our first same-sex wedding, and also our first Washington DC wedding! We were thrilled and honored to be a part of something so special, everyone should be so in love as Steve and Robert. The guys matched stunningly in handsome black tuxes with sunflower yellow ties and vests which they specifically chose to no nicely with their event space. The officiant, Starlene, customized a beautiful ceremony which Steve and Robert had a hand in. The room at Nage Bistro was stunning, and my favorite, by far was the cake stand and topper which were handmade for the happy couple. The wedding just exuded love and care and thoughtfulness as no detail was over looked. We thank you, gentlemen, for trusting us to capture such a momentous occasion! We stand with you hoping that one day, everyone in this nation will be allowed to marry whomever they want, regardless of gender. Enjoy a few pictures!!

Angela and Mike were great from the very first click of my shutter. They were so calm and no-fuss and seemed so comfortable in front of the camera. Good thing too that they were so easy-going because when we arrived at Curtis Arboretum for their photos we were very surprised to see that there was a fall-fest going on. I mean completely with bouncy castles and I think burlap sack races. We stayed in the bottom half of the park only but still had plenty of opportunity to get some great shots.  Check em out!!

Hi everyone!! It’s been a little over a month since we’ve blogged…SORRY!!! It’s a VERY busy time of the year. October is actually our busiest month of the year, did you know that? Everyone wants pictures in the beautiful fall colors, and I can’t blame them, it’s gorgeous!! But we also have all of the summer brides in ordering their albums. And we ALSO have people thinking about gifts for the upcoming holidays. So unfortunately, blogging falls to the bottom of the list. But enough about us… lets talk about Ta’ne and Steve!!! First of all, I’ve always grown up with my name misspelled and it’s annoying. So my apologies directly to Ta’ne…wordpress won’t let me put the accent over your “a” where it belongs.

So, Ta’ne and Steve are a really awesome couple to work with! Steve is very involved in the process which is nice, we like when grooms participate. And Ta’ne is an absolute natural and having her photo taken so we think their pics turned out great! They were kind enough to bring their long-haired Chihuahua Romeo to their shoot to get in on a little action. Romeo was less-than-thrilled to have his photo taken and he did everything he could to ignore me completely while shooting. We did manage to include him in a couple so make sure to check him out below! We took their pictures at Prophecy Creek Park in Blue Bell last Sunday. The day was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and we had lots of fun!!!

If you didn’t see our facebook post earlier today, in honor of today being the first day back to school for so many, we took a moment to say THANK YOU to all the teachers in the world!! We always say thank you by offering teachers 10% off all wedding packages. We don’t care if you’re teaching tomorrow’s Nobel prize winners or wiping noses and teaching 2 year olds how to share, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!! And we figured there may be other discounts that you don’t know we offer. And likewise, perhaps it didn’t occur to you to ask if your other vendors offer discounts either!


Now, we’ve talked before about asking for things you want. But this comes before the wedding as well as during, and the best thing to ask for is something that will save you money!! On our website, we have a page dedicated to some of the discounts we offer. They change regularly but right now, we offer 10% off to all teachers, nurses, military, police, and firemen, as well as some location-specific discounts. We also offer $100 off to anyone who uses any of our favorite wedding professionals (there is a list on our site for that also), and some of them offer the same for us. But there are also some discounts that we do not publish but could offer to you in our initial meeting. So, when you come in to meet us, or go in to meet another vendor, ask if there are any offers you qualify for. Ask if there are any give-aways or freebees that we have available. Ask which of our products go on sale. But don’t stop there…you will be a LOT of people to make your wedding day a success. Ask them the same questions! If you have a specific trade which you think might be helpful to someone, see if they will barter services or make some sort of working arrangement for a steep discount. We once had a framer interested in our services and we were happy to offer a pretty hefty discount in return for her doing the same for us. Think about what you have to offer and ASK! Like my mom always said: it can’t hurt to ask!!!

Check out Katie:

She invited her class to the wedding!! SO CUTE!!! We ❤ teachers!!!

YAYYY!!!!! We’re back from vacation!!! YAY!!!!!!! You know what we did on vacation? We had FUN!!! So why not continue the trend with Tip Tuesday???

Girls just wanna have FUN!!!!

So, one thing that we hear over and over and over again is that the wedding day just goes by SO FAST!!! And it’s true. I remember at my own wedding, we ran late from pictures (surprise surprise) and they started serving salads before we were back yet so as a result, our intros were rushed, and no fun at all. After dinner the DJ opened the dance floor but I was making my rounds to the tables. Then, there was some drama with my maid of honor and I missed a good amount of dancing cause I was off with her. When I got my pictures back I was surprised to see that all my cousins were dancing with feather boas at some point…and I missed it 😦  Like most packages, I had a 5 hour wedding but it just FLEW by and I got to have exactly no fun. There are a few things I’d do differently if I had it to do all over again. First…I’d read Tip Tuesday (hehehe). Next, I’d defintely have added more time for pictures. I only had an hour (which is pretty standard) but I have a big family, and we went to several spots for pictures. Because that ran really late, everything else that I “had to” do (cake, parent dances, farewell, etc) got all smooshed together and squeezed out my fun. I also would have been less of a control freak. I should have trusted the professional people I hired to do the job I paid for instead of being the crazy bridezilla who wanted a hot-glue gun mid-reception cause the bows were falling off the centerpieces. Finally, I would have hired a planner. Just cause I didn’t want to be the control freak doesn’t mean that I didn’t want a control freak in charge, it just didn’t have to be me. I really would have really liked the chance to shake my groove thing, pop and lock, drop it like it’s hot, cupid shuffle, etc but I had no friendly neighborhood blog to tell me how hard it is to have fun at your own wedding. SO GO!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

So, if you couldn’t tell by our sudden influx of posts to Facebook, we are unofficially back from vacation! Christine will be back later today and will resume answering messages tomorrow but in the meantime, Rachael and I have uploaded all the previews that we hadn’t yet done! First up on our blog is the wedding of Emily and Marquise. They had a beautiful wedding at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, Pa. They were a LOT of fun to work with, it was an easy going day and very low stress!! Enjoy!